Coalition Highlight: Lake County Food Access Coalition – Putting People First in the Fight Against Hunger

Exciting work is underway with the Lake County Food Access Coalition!

The Coalition is excited to announce the launch of a Mobile Food Pantry at St. George Episcopal Church! Once launched, the Mobile Food Pantry will travel weekly to four key neighborhoods: Downtown Leadville, Lake Fork, Mountain Valley Estates, and Mountain View East & West to offer a no-cost grocery program to anyone in the Lake County community. By doing this, the Mobile Food Pantry will make it easier and more affordable for Lake County community members to access fresh fruits and vegetables.  

The Coalition is also excited to announce that after being interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis, fundraising for the St. George Community Kitchen remodel is almost complete! The Community Kitchen will become a space where residents can learn to cook nutritious meals and unite all of Lake County’s food resources under one roof. This kitchen will address our community’s long-term food needs while creating a space that prioritizes community relationship-building via food.

Meanwhile, the Coalition’s SNAP Enrollment project team is developing flyers and social media posts to help community members better understand food resources in our community. 

With multiple projects underway, the Lake County Food Access Coalition will be busy! If you want to get involved with this work, contact Mara Gwin at