Resilient Lake County

The Resilient Lake County Initiative brings together diverse organizations across Lake County who want to ensure all Lake County residents feel welcome and supported when they walk through our doors.

Why the Work Matters

Trauma can affect anyone and occurs after many kinds of life experiences, including abuse, loss, or disaster.

Unfortunately, the very community organizations designed to help community members recover from trauma can inadvertently cause further trauma to community members. However, when organizations have carefully considered how to be welcoming and supportive to all community members, they can instead contribute to healing.

For example, signs that say “All are welcome here,” staff who speak clients’ language, and initial paperwork written at a basic grade level may help support clients who have experienced the trauma of discrimination for their race, sexual orientation, language, education, or socioeconomic class to begin to feel welcome in their community again.

The Lake County Police Department is a member of the Resilient Lake County project. Photo courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Copyright 2019 Annabel Clark.

Recent Milestone

The 18 organizations working on this project have split into two groups to work collaboratively on building “meaningful community engagement” and “heath and racial equity” within Lake County organizations.

To Join Us

If your organization would like to commit to becoming more equitable and trauma-informed, please reach out to Noah Sosin at to find out how you can join the work.