Childcare Coalition

To join us

If you care about early childhood services, your presence is welcome! Please reach out to Brooke Carlsen at for more information about upcoming meetings and other ways to get involved.

The Childcare Coalition works to implement the following vision:

The Childcare Coalition is a group of dedicated Lake County Community members who work together to create projects, share ideas and build connections in efforts to create a strong system of early care and education that supports the overall social and economic health and well being of Lake County.  

Recent milestone

In January, 2021, LCBAG, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners and Department of Human Services moved quickly to better understand the issue of child care, developing and distributing a survey through text message, social media, and email (with a $25 gift card as an incentive). In two weeks, 135 families took the survey. In February 2021, 33 people— including childcare providers, parents, and representatives from state and local regulatory agencies—held a strategic planning session to review the survey results and imagine a more sustainable childcare system in Lake County. To read about the goals that emerged from this strategic planning session, go here.

Why the Work Matters

As Lake County parents of young children know all too well, Lake County currently has no licensed child care seats for children under 3 years of age–and not enough seats to serve the need for children 3-5 years of age.

In a survey of 135 local families, families said the following:

We are struggling to meet work demands and be home with our child. I cannot imagine the hardships many others are facing.

“In general, childcare in Lake County is cost prohibitive compared to the availability of good-paying jobs. In the first few years of living here, there was not a job available that would offset the cost of quality childcare.

“We may have to move out of Leadville due to the lack of childcare availability.”

We need childcare to support working mothers!