Our Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

Organizing Lake County to build a healthier community.


Health is more than health care.

We believe many factors influence our health, including housing, transportation, education, and access to healthy food and physical activity.

Inequity is real.

Living a healthy life is more easily accessible for some people than it is for others because of the environments in which they live. For example, Lake County residents have only a few local options to purchase healthy food, creating one more challenge to a healthy diet—and lifelong health.

Inequity is systemic.

Shortcomings at the systems-level aren’t the fault of any individual—they stem from the distribution of wealth and power that has been perpetuated over decades. Where we live impacts more than just our access to healthy food, it also dictates how much residents pay for basic needs and services. For example, Lake County residents pay more for the same health insurance plan than Front Range residents–leaving less money in our households to buy healthy food or housing or to save for college or retirement.

Change is possible.

We have the ability to change the way we approach health by changing what doesn’t work in our community and identifying what does. By engaging a diverse group of Lake County residents in community change, we will ensure that a healthy life is accessible to all Lake County residents, regardless of who they are or how much they make.

We are proud to partner with the many individuals and organizations, locally and regionally, that are committed to working toward a future where more equitable policies benefit everyone, so each and every Lake County resident has access to the services, resources and support they need to live their healthiest lives.

Staff member Clara Wilson with her daughter at work. Photo taken by Luisa Porras