Community Housing

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To Join Us

If you care about ensuring that Lake County remains an affordable place for all community members long into the future, come work with us to make this vision a reality!

Please reach out to Kristi Galarza at for more information about upcoming meetings and other ways to get involved.

The Housing Coalition works to eliminate barriers to quality, healthy housing for all Lake County residents.

Recent Milestones

The Policy Advisory Team has presented four policy interventions that could help preserve, protect or promote community housing in the City of Leadville or Lake County to the Board of Lake County County Commissioners and Leadville City Council.

Members will be working with the Leadville City Council and Lake County Board of County Commissioners to further examine whether these policy interventions are right for Leadville and Lake County.

The Housing Coalition is also working with elected and appointed officials to pursue deed restrictions and funding mechanisms as housing tools for our community.

Lake County community members discuss affordable housing at a community listening session.

Why the Work Matters

“A secure, affordable home provides much more than just a roof and walls. It is the key to some of society’s most important opportunities, such as education, employment and the opportunity to live a healthy life.” (“Home Equity: A Vision of Housing Security, Health, and Opportunity,” Colorado Health Institute)