Summer 2021 at LCBAG

The Child Care Coalition holds the “Lake County Cares for Kids” Meet and Greet on June 10th at the Get Outdoors Leadville! Gear Library. (Photo by Ned Warner)

The summer of 2021 is well underway, and we at Lake County Build a Generation are excited not only to be out in the sunshine, but to also be back in the office! With vaccination rates on the rise and work-from-home mandates on the decline, many of our staff have been taking advantage of the opportunity to return to in-person work at our office on 6th Street. (Some of our coalitions have even begun to convene in-person!)

We want to stress that just because the rate of coronavirus infections is decreasing, it’s still important to remain vigilant and practice personal hygiene, social distance, and wear masks when appropriate. (And to keep applying that sunscreen! ☀️)