Lake County Resource Guide for Parents and Childcare Providers

This resource was developed by the Childcare Coalition as a guide to lay out a set of community standards for hiring and working with childcare providers in ways that honor their time, energy, and experience. It provides a sample employment contract, information about labor laws, and questions to consider when seeking employment or hiring a childcare provider. This guide gives both providers and families the information they need to make equitable, informed choices in an employer/employee relationship.

To read the guide in English, click here.

Para leer la guía en Español, haga click aquí.

In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Vincent Health, the Lake County Public Health Agency and Lake County Build a Generation came together to conduct a collaborative community assessment of health and happiness. The 2020 Lake County Community Health and Happiness Report discusses the data collected that year and the goals set by the Lake County community.

Download the report here.

In 2020, Lake County Build a Generation worked with 5 community connectors to examine the community food system in Lake County. This resulting Lake County Community Connector Research Report makes key recommendations for improving access to healthy, affordable food in our community.

Download the report here.