2018 EPS Housing Needs Assessment

The 2018 EPS Housing Needs Assessment is a housing needs assessment and action plan for Lake County that focusing on tools and strategies to address the housing needs in the County. This work provides a targeted analysis of the Lake County housing market and community, which then informs actions, policies, and investments specific to Lake County. The report has three main components:

  • Issues and Goals: Identifies issues and goals related to housing, identified through data analysis, stakeholder input, and community outreach. These issues and goals provide the framework for targeting strategies and actions.
  • Resources and Strategies: Catalogs the resources and strategies available to the community, analyzing policy and program tools that can be used to address housing needs. Applicability to Leadville and Lake County is assessed and this work informs the recommended actions.
  • Recommendations and Action Plan: Uses the technical research and strategy evaluation to create an action plan guided by the identified issues and goals. This includes recommendations around policy, funding, and governance.

Download the report here.