2010 Lake County Youth Master Plan

Kindergarten teacher Kelly Fernee starts the morning with students in circle time at West Park Elementary in Leadville, Colorado. Copyright 2019 Anabel Clark. Courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In the spring of 2011, members of the Lake County Build a Generation board discussed a simple yet far-reaching question. How could we—as teachers and parents, as professionals and volunteers, as newcomers and natives—do better at reducing these barriers for all Leadville children?
The consensus was that this question deserved more than a mere answer—it demanded a specific plan of action. And so, the seeds for a first-ever Youth Master Plan for Leadville and Lake County were planted.
Over two years, dozens of people worked tirelessly toward the development and realization of this plan. They conducted large public meetings and convened small workplace gatherings. They designed surveys, translated flyers, sorted data and hosted meals. They facilitated, listened and learned.
The result of their efforts is Vision Leadville: The 2013 Leadville – Lake County Youth Master Plan. We believe this groundbreaking plan truly reflects the shared priorities of our community, and establishes a clear path toward realizing ambitious but achievable goals.

To download the plan, go here.