NPR cover LCBAG’s work with Cooperativa Nueva Union

Eudelia Contreras, Health Equity Manager at Lake County Build a Generation, attends a meeting of the Lake County School District Board of Directors in Leadville, Colorado.

National Public Radio recently covered the work of residents and LCBAG community organizer Eudelia Contreras to form Cooperativa Nueva Union, in order to ensure residents can purchase their manufactured housing community and create a housing cooperative:

After the owner contacted housing organizers, Thistle and the local nonprofit Lake County Build A Generation helped residents learn about the deal and navigate the purchasing process.

With extra time — and a cooperative property owner — enthusiasm has grown strong among the park’s 30-odd households. Several of the park’s residents said they want to preserve some of Leadville’s last accessible, affordable housing. The park stands within walking distance of the city’s historic main street, and it stands just across the street from a half-built development where homes are selling for well over $500,000.

“We can pass this along to the youth … even if you can’t afford the land individually, this community will still be preserved as a mobile home community,” said Esther Soto, president of the newly formed neighborhood cooperative, through an interpreter.

“Inside two Colorado mobile-home communities fighting to avoid corporate takeovers — with very different results,” November 4, 2021

To read more about the project, visit Colorado Public Radio.