New York Times covers Lake County housing concerns and LCBAG’s housing work

Lake County’s housing challenges–and the hard work of the Housing Coalition–caught the attention of New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer this week. Her story features interviews with Lake County Build a Generation Housing Manager Kristi Galarza and Policy Advocacy Team member Jenny David, among others. Writes Steinhauer:

Many initiatives were indeed prompted by residents weary of the housing hunt. The housing shortage in Leadville, Colo., “squeezes all the little people that hold this town and county up,” said Jenny David, 43, a seamstress who joined the Lake County Housing Coalition, which is leading the initiative to increase taxes on tourists. Ms. David has bounced from an apartment building to a modular home as rents have gone up. She now fears that the duplex she landed through word of mouth may be sold in this overheated market. “I feel like I had some real-world experience to bring,” she said.

Like many places near vacation spots, Lake County, where Leadville sits, has seen its real estate market value more than double over the last five years. But there has been little investment in housing for low-income workers in the area, officials there say.

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