Leadville Herald Democrat covers the work of the 2A committee, the Lake County Housing Coalition and Lake County Build a Generation to promote affordable housing

“Ballot measure 2A is not the end-all-be-all in solving Leadville’s housing crisis,” said Krisiti Galarza, housing manager for Lake County Build a Generation, which houses the Lake County Housing Coalition (LCHC). “There is still plenty of work to be done. But this is an important first step that will support real progress over the next few years.”

If you’re still trying to understand ballot measure 2A–a question to voters in the City of Leadville about whether to raise the lodging tax to support affordable housing–head over to the Leadville Herald Democrat site to read their October 13 article explaining the ballot measure:

“As the issue currently stands, visitors to Lake County who stay at lodging establishments like hotels, motels and short-term rentals for 30 days or less pay a county-wide lodging tax of 1.92 percent, a fee that funds the Lake County Tourism Panel. Should measure 2A pass next month, lodging taxes within Leadville city limits would increase to 4.92 percent,” explains the Leadville Herald Democrat. “The preexisting 1.92 percent of the lodging tax would continue to fund the tourism panel’s work. The additional three percent of the tax would go towards a housing fund the City of Leadville hopes to use to address housing needs. Money from the fund could be used to administer deed restrictions, develop affordable housing or implement a gap fund program, which would financially support developers wishing to build affordable housing units in Leadville.”

–October 13 edition, Leadville Herald Democrat

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