LCBAG Celebration Event


To remind the people that

Each is as good as the other

And that no one is beneath

Nor above you

Excerpt from Maya Angelou’s Continue

LCBAG celebrated the members and volunteers of our coalitions!

We gathered in the warmth of what unites us, the thought that our Lake County community can be a better place for all of us who live in it.  We celebrated the hard work of all members and volunteers in this altruistic work. The laughter, the camaraderie, talking to each other like we’ve known each other forever, the games, the art, and delicious food brought us that much closer.

LCBAG is committed to the ideal of a better life. On this occasion, we extended our gratitude to all the members of our coalitions, with some special mentions that we will highlight below:

Dan Northcraft, Housing Coalition
“I would like to honor one of the members of the Housing coalition who also serves on the policy advisory team. Dan likes to bring the reality of what we are considering to the table; I think that many times when we think of solutions we want to shoot for the stars and Dan brings us back to reality.” –Kristi Galarza.
Vanessa DeLira, Food Access Coalition
“She is truly a leader in our community, she is a mother, she is a student, she works at a community anchor organization and is a community connector, she does it all.  Vanessa has been involved in the food coalition work for so long that she is my network weaver! She talks to our community and recruits members for our coalition and honestly, if she wasn’t helping me on this project, we wouldn’t have all the amazing people who are now members of our coalition. Thank you Vanessa.”– Mara Gwin
Sara Luna, Childcare Coalition

“I really wanted to honor one of our coalition members, even though she wasn’t able to make it tonight. She is the Director of one of our licensed centers in Lake County called Bright Start. After struggling with the pandemic, having a busy personal and professional life, she has been such a reliable partner.  She is incredibly helpful and supportive in our coalition.  I feel very grateful to work with her.”–Hannah Guilford

Daisey Monge Montes, Youth Coalition
“She is a leading Rock Star! In our coalition, she is very confident.  During the past school year she presented policy changes to the school administration that could help work on changing alcohol and substance abuse in the student community. She also helped us write our social media posts. Our coalition is very fortunate to work with her.”– Hannah Guilford
Zoila Saucedo, Cooperativa Nueva Unión

“She is someone who has really impressed me. Previously, Zoila had never been part of something like that (a board of directors) since she was always focused on housework and childcare. However, she became the president of the board of directors. She has had incredible personal growth and learning. Even with the difficulties that come with being part of a board of directors! She has always remained involved, even in times when she was the only participant on the board of directors, because no one else wanted to get involved. Thanks to her, the board is now complete and continues to work with our community.” — Eudelia Contreras.

We also want to publicly thank local artist Justin Stewart’s sculpture of the LCBAG logo!

Thank you Lake County community and LCBAG team for making this event possible!