HEA Summit Series Recap

Last fall, the Health Equity Advocacy (HEA) Cohort sponsored a Summit Series that included 11 webinars on the themes of advancing policy, healing towards action and changing the narrative. The Summits featured nationally-renowned speakers as well as Colorado-based leaders.

Kevin Fong has created several playlists on YouTube that include the full recordings of all the Summits in English and Spanish; 5 of the Summits are also available in French:

The Summit Planning Team also supported the creation of several shorter video clips that highlight key takeaways from the various Summits.

Kevin has created playlists of these shorter clips by topic:

  1. Racial Justice | Justicia racial
  2. Philanthropy | Filantropía
  3. Young Leaders | Jóvenes Líderes
  4. Respectful Communication | Paz en la Comunicación
  5. Organizational Leadership | Líderes Organizacionales
  6. Intersectionality | Interseccionalidad
  7. How Native Communities Thrive | Como las Comunidades Indígenas Prosperan
  8. Healing Toward Action | Curación Hacia Acción
  9. Disrupting White Supremacy | Interrumpiendo la Lista de Reproducción de Supremacía Blanca