May 2021 Coalition Highlight: Youth Coalition

The Lake County Youth Coalition is continuing to increase awareness around substance abuse and mental health. Their mission is to advance the health and well-being of young people of today and of future generations through the power of youth voice and perspective. As part of this mission, they are creating a video to explain what addiction does to the adolescent brain. Many young people don’t understand the chemical aspect of addiction, so increasing awareness of this decreases the stigma surrounding substance abuse.

The Youth Coalition is also promoting connections between young people and their family, friends, and other trusted adults, like teachers and community leaders. Promoting positive social connections is especially important after the COVID-19 pandemic because they help boost mental health. Josiah Horning, a member of the Youth Coalition, writes below what he wants people to know about mental health.

“Mental health and physical health are both just health. You tell people when you feel sick, so why not tell them when you feel depressed or anxious? Everyone has feelings, and everyone has mental health. When people connect with each other, they feel better and unwind their mind. Sports actually release endorphins, and make you feel better and less stressed. Reach out to people in your community! It is really hard to tell who might be struggling with their mental health, so you should talk to many people around you.”