Coalition Coaching

Coalition work can be incredibly rewarding. When people come together to solve challenges that no one agency or person could solve on their own, communities win.

But coalition work can also be full of challenges. What do you do when some community members prefer a slower, more thoughtful process–and others feel the urgency of getting to outcomes? How do you help groups work through disagreement about how to solve a problem–or even about what the problem is?

Lake County community members discuss possible sites for a new affordable housing project at a Housing Design Charette.

Lake County Build a Generation can provide tools and coaching to help you or your staff more effectively manage the coalition process.

We believe that communities themselves are best equipped to solve their own issues–but that communities work best when they have good structures and support to help them move through a community-based process.

Do you want to learn more about how our staff can support you in facilitating your coalition process? Call 719-486-4114 x 1 to talk to Katie Baldassar, Executive Director.