Katie Baldassar, Director

Katie Baldassar is the Director of Lake County Build a Generation. Her duties currently include coordinating new initiatives, leading organizational strategic planning, supervising staff, driving continuous improvement at the agency, fundraising, and writing and managing Lake County Build a Generation’s grants.

Prior to taking this position, Katie taught for Leadville’s High Mountain Institute and Colorado Mountain College, as well as the East Bay Conservation Corps, the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, California Poets in the Schools and the University of California at Davis. She also spent time as a reporter for The Leadville Chronicle, The Aspen Times and The Colorado Independent. In years past, she has also been employed as a grant writer, poetry translator, research assistant, trail crew supervisor, river camp caretaker, chainsaw instructor, editor, and backpacking trip leader. Katie has a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, an M.A. from the University of California at Davis, and is an Ed.S. candidate at the University of Northern Colorado. She has also completed a three-week course at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government for Senior Executives in State and Local Leadership, thanks to the generosity of the Gates Family Foundation. She recently retired from the Lake County School Board, after serving for nearly 7 years.

When she isn’t working or volunteering, Katie can be found trail running, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hanging out with her daughters Isabella and Molly, and husband Andy.

To contact Katie, call 719-486-4114 or email

Rachelle Collins, Events Coordinator

Rachelle Collins is the Events Coordinator for Lake County Build a Generation. She helps with planning the logistics for many of Lake County Build a Generation’s meetings, events and trainings, and ensures that all of our events run smoothly.

Rachelle has worked for various other community organizations during the 20 years she has lived in Leadville. She is originally from Minnesota.

Rachelle and her husband, Scott, have two daughters: Emma and Allie. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, reading, gardening, doing puzzles, and playing games.

To contact Rachelle, call 719-486-4114 or email

Eudelia Contreras, Health Equity Manager

Eudelia Contreras is the Health Equity Manager for Lake County Build a Generation. In this role, she works with other communities to build a Health Equity Advocacy field. She also works to lift up Lake County’s health equity issues to statewide policy advocacy groups, develop connections with these groups, and support relevant legislation through testimony, story banking, etc., in order to advance Lake County’s ability to advocate for health equity at a statewide level. At a local level, she works to support the Family Leadership Training Institute (a project of Full Circle of Lake County, address agencies’ health equity training needs, and convene an Access to Care workgroup.

Eudelia has lived in Lake County for the past 23 years. She attended Lake County schools and has worked at a number of county agencies, including Lake County Human Services and Lake County School District. Eudelia feels that with her experience working, living and attending our schools she will be able to identify and work on the needs of our diverse community.

Eudelia has started a family of her own in Lake County and always talks to her three daughters, Kayleen (12), Isabelle (10) and Sophia (8), about her experience growing up in this unique town. Eudelia and her significant other, Julian Navarro, have expanded their family by adding not only his two children but a mare (Mia), a dog (Cece) and a bunny (William).

To contact Eudelia, call 719-486-4114 or email

Tara Espinoza, Finance and Grants Assistant

Tara Espinoza is the Finance and Grants Assistant for Lake County Build a Generation. Her duties include inputting data and preparing invoices. Tara works full time for Lake County Government as the Finance and Human Resources Assistant. Tara also spends her time coaching two youth basketball teams as well as scorekeeping for LCHS activities and Lake County Recreation Department activities. Tara is also a Notary Public for the State of Colorado.

Tara graduated from LCHS in 2003 and has had a career in banking and finance she since was 17 years old. Tara has four children: two step-children, Alisa and Julian, as well as her boy and girl twins, Marcus and Shyann. Tara enjoys basketball, volleyball, and softball along with a pedicure here and there!

To contact Tara, email

Jena Finch, Youth Master Plan Coordinator

Jena Finch is a Youth Master Plan Coordinator (Project Lead on Communities that Care and Youth Leadership) at Lake County Build a Generation. Through this position, Jena implements the Communities That Care model in order to reduce youth substance, overall substance abuse and improve mental health in Lake County.

Jena earned a B.A. in Special Education from The University of Mount Union. She has served in Lake County as an AmeriCorps VISTA through the Lake County School District. Jena worked with Project Dream after-school programming to make a more sustainable and enjoyable outlet for students. She is originally from Youngstown, Ohio but is enjoying the fresh mountain air. Jena is a strong advocate for youth in Lake County and spends her free time volunteering, kayaking and experiencing new things. To contact Jena, email or call 719-486-4114.

Updated ATOD Coalition Description:
The ATOD Prevention Action Team is working to build an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free (ATOD-free) community. As part of this work, Lake County Build a Generation is implementing the Communities That Care model. This model focuses on the relevant risk and protective factors our community encounters and works with the community to find a sustainable solution. The coalition focuses on environmental strategies in order to remove barrios and decrease negative health outcomes. To get involved, contact Jena Finch, Youth Master Plan Coordinator, at 719-486-4114 or


Nichole Glaser, Health Equity Coordinator

Nichole Glaser is a Health Equity Coordinator, Lead on Housing and Food Access at Lake County Build a Generation. Her work as a facilitator allows her to support coalitions of Lake County community members to find ways to make sure all locals can access affordable homes and nutritious food.

Her past roles include various collective impact roles such as working with a Community Progress Team in a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategic Area, landscaping and planting a community garden, planning community garden educational events and work parties and cooking community meals. She baked pastries for a non-profit coffee shop serving divested youth and designed and built a scale-model, genuine gingerbread house for a non-profit gala fundraiser. She has also worked as a foster parent, and a nutrition educator at Easter Seals, a personal trainer, a physical therapy aide and a multifamily housing property manager.

Her background in property management and her desire to learn how to grow food in challenging climates brought her to Leadville from the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon.

She enjoys the challenge of learning to bake at altitude (not really) and grow her own food. When her baking aspirations fail and her flowers freeze, she drives 15 minutes to the mountains to backpack and ski. She recently appeared on stage in a production at the Tabor Opera House, and in her spare time, she is raising two fantastic human beings, a very fuzzy dog and a tabby cat.

Kelly Landau, Assessment and Evaluation Contractor

Kelly Landau is the Assessment and Evaluation Contractor for Lake County Build a Generation. She provides assistance to Lake County Build a Generation staff, action teams, nascent projects, and mini-grant recipients with assessment and evaluation work. In addition, she collects data to evaluate policy, environmental change and program efforts and assists with community-wide health surveillance activities.

Kelly likes the challenge of working across a wide diversity of fields and disciplines and at some point in her life has worked as a molecular biologist, economic development project coordinator, Basic MS Excel instructor and for the last three years, as Local Food Coordinator and Evaluator for LiveWell Chaffee County.

Kelly left the big city 8 years ago and now lives in Salida, CO with her husband and, as she would argue, the best dog ever made.

To contact Kelly, email

Veronica Mohrmann, Communications Contractor

Veronica Mohrmann is a communications contractor for Lake County Build a Generation. She provides writing and strategic communications support for Lake County Build a Generation as well as the Youth Master Plan, Senior Master Plan and Health Equity initiatives.

Veronica has her B.A. in communication and public relations and her M.A. in communication and organizational leadership. She has worked in various capacities as a communications and public relations practitioner, copy editor, college instructor, and facilitator.

Veronica and her family live in Montana, but they were lucky enough to call Leadville/Lake County home for 6 years. She is thrilled to continue working alongside the many agencies and individuals who are working to ensure Lake County is a healthy and vibrant place to live.

To contact Veronica, email

Noah Sosin, Resilient Lake County Manager

Noah Sosin is Resilient Lake County Manager for Lake County Build a Generation. Noah works with the residents of the County’s manufactured home communities to foster civic engagement and empower the residents to advocate for their rights as tenants. He is also a co-facilitator of the Access to Care work group that strives to improve the conditions of healthcare access for all residents of the County. He has Masters degrees in Public Health and Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado, Denver. He is excited to be working in Lake County, addressing a few social determinants of health to ensure a healthier, happier, and more equitable future for all of the County’s residents–especially the populations most in need.  When he is not in school or at work, Noah loves to ride bikes, go on hikes, read science fiction, play board games, and travel the world with his partner, Stephanie Cole. 

Ned Warner, Communications Coordinator

Ned Warner is a Communications Coordinator at Lake County Build a Generation. His duties currently include graphic design, writing, copy editing, in-house photography, and videography.

Prior to taking this position, Ned ran a graphic and web design company, which he still runs on a part-time basis. He taught art and graphic design at Vail Mountain School, nature-based art for Rockies Rock Adventure Camp, art at Laramie Montessori School, and filmmaking at the Cooper Center for the Arts. Ned has a B.A. from Colby College, a M.A. from the University of Denver, and professional certifications from the New York Film Academy and REC Audio Engineering School.

Ned currently serves on the St. George Episcopal Church board in Leadville, CO. When he isn’t working or volunteering, Ned can be found exploring the great outdoors, writing and performing music, making art, and spending time with his partner, Ash.

To contact Ned, email

Brayhan Reveles, Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) Coordinator

Brayhan Reveles is the Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) Coordinator at Lake County Build a Generation. In this position, he supports Lake County Build a Generation’s efforts to improve health outcomes for youth and families in Lake County through community organizing and Collective Impact framework.

Brayhan attended Lake County Schools, the High Mountain Institute, and is currently finishing a degree in Bilingual Outdoor Education at Colorado Mountain College. Prior to his employment at Lake County Build a Generation, he volunteered with various local and state wide organizations promoting health equity and advocating for Latinx inclusion in the outdoors and outdoor industry at a local and statewide level. He believes that bringing diverse voices to the table strengthens a group’s progress towards a shared goal.

When not working, you can find Brayhan out exploring, mountain biking, skiing, reading a good book, trying new things, or hanging out with family and friends.

Emily Olsen, Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) Manager

Emily Olsen is the Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) Manager at Lake County Build a Generation. In her position, she supports Lake County Build a Generation’s work to promote healthy eating and active living. She also facilitates the Lake County Food Access Coalition.

Prior to joining LCBAG Emily worked on healthy food access and health equity in Denver with Denver Food Rescue and served with FoodCorps in Northwest Arkansas where she ran a school garden program for pre-k thru 2nd grade students. She is a founding Board Member for Fresh Food Connect, a web-app developed to increase access to locally grown produce in food insecure communities. Emily has a B.A. in Political Science and Public Health from New York University.
In her free time Emily enjoys skiing, trail running, cooking and hanging out with her dog Cabot, named after the world’s best cheddar cheese.
Emily can be reached at