The Youth Master Plan outlines long-term goals in key areas that affect health outcomes for youth:


Current priorities:

  • To inspire academic achievement across all grade levels
  • To improve school district vitality and viability

Programs and Activities

Current priority:

  • To prioritize, diversify, strengthen youth programming so that youth are contributing, connected, safe, and healthy; so that youth are well-rounded and resilient, to develop youth who have critical thinking and problem solving skills

Health and Prevention

Current priority:

  • Our community’s policies, programs and norms support young people’s health and safety

Community Development

Current priorities:

  • To improve access to schools, parks and other public spaces
  • To increase volunteer activities that support youth
  • To develop and maintain community facilities and programming that serve key functions in youth development

Family Economics

Current priority:

  • To assist in the development of local economic factors favorable to family stability