Empowering Community Leaders through Proyecto Promotor

In 2016, Lake County Build a Generation launched Proyecto Promotor, a 9-month pilot program to help lift up the voices of families in Lake County’s mobile home parks (particularly Latino families) and allow them to inform the strategic direction of our work. Six Promotoras executed 239 one-on-one interviews with residents of our mobile home parks and low-income housing units around one particular community initiative focused on helping underserved youth and families connect to the natural world. The promotoras then brought these concerns to local planning meetings regarding this initiative, to ensure residents’ concerns were incorporated into the final proposal.

Watch this video to learn more about Proyecto Promotor: Get Outdoors Leadville! Proyecto Promotor Video

Building the field through the Health Equity Learning Series

In 2016, we worked with Full Circle of Lake County to provide a 5-part Health Equity Learning series for local community leaders and community members. To learn more, read our HEAS TA Learning Paper.

Building Equity through Certified Interpretation

As a follow-up to the 2016 Health Equity Learning Series, Lake County Department of Human Services and Lake County Build a Generation hosted a 5-day medical interpretation training by the Spring Institute in October 2017. The training included both general interpretation and medical interpretation components. Following the training, participants were able to obtain medical interpretation certification. Twenty-three individuals, including 14 from Lake County, attended and obtained certification.

Agencies needing interpretation services can contact Eudelia Contreras (English or Spanish), Health Equity Coordinator, at or 719-486-4114, to connect with one of the 22 community and medical interpreters in Lake County.