The Lake County Housing Coalition is a 40+ community stakeholder group working to address Lake County’s need for safe, affordable housing. In 2017, the Housing Coalition is hiring a firm to conduct a Housing Needs Assessment that will outline actionable strategies to improve access to healthy and affordable housing for the workforce population in our community. To get involved, contact Noah Sosin, Health Equity Coordinator, at 719-486-4114 or

UCD Urban Planning – Final Projects

Other Housing Documents

2019 Lake County Housing Action Plan.

2019 Lake County Affordable Housing Site Analysis.

2019 Lake County Affordable Housing Executive Summary.

View the Lake County Housing Needs Assessment.

Access the Housing Coalition’s meeting minutes, agendas and resources.

Watch the final Community Housing Meeting:

Access the Housing Coalition meeting minutes, agendas and resources.

Food Access

The Food Access Coalition is working to build a community in which healthy food is affordable, available, and in demand by consumers. They are particularly focused on addressing the needs of residents at or below 200% of poverty. To get involved, contact

2018 Lake County Food Access Community Assessment 

Access the Food Access Coalition’s meeting minutes, agendas and resources.

Resilient Lake County

Resilient Lake County is a project designed to address community safety and affordable housing by working with agency leaders and residents of our manufactured home communities. The goal of the project is to reduce community stress by promoting tenant advocacy while working with agency leaders to create more trauma-informed offices.

The organizational track agencies will be working together to establish a common understanding of what trauma-informed practices are and what they mean specifically for each of the participating agencies. Over the course of three years, organizations are committing to assessing their own internal practices and improving both their physical space and policies to best serve the residents of Lake County.

Participating organizations include: Full Circle, Solvista Health, St Vincent Hospital, Lake County Public Health, Lake County Department of Human Services, Wraparound, Advocates of Lake County, Lake County Build a Generation, Building and Land Use Department, Lake County Sheriff, Leadville Police Department, Get Outdoors Leadville!, Lake County Library, Lake County Probation Office, Lake County School District, and Cloud City Conservation Center.

The community track residents will receive training on tenants’ rights, advocacy, and community building. These trainings will be targeted to create sustainable and resident-led coalitions at the manufactured home communities in the county. Over the course of three years, residents will receive training, prioritize community projects, and work to influence county policy and structures to best protect and preserve their communities.

To get involved, contact Noah Sosin, Resilient Lake County Manager, at

Access to Care

The Access to Care work group is made up of organizations, agencies, and providers who are committed to increasing the quality of care and level of service that is available to all Lake County residents. The work group is led by Lake County Public Health and St. Vincent General Hospital and is facilitated by Lake County Build a Generation. The mission of the work group is to ‘Develop, monitor, and evaluate programs and services to improve access to care in Lake County.’ To get involved, contact Noah Sosin, Health Equity Coordinator, at

Lideres Latinos Leadville

Lideres Latinos Leadville is a group of people from different nationalities who have committed to work of social justice in favor of the immigrants in Lake County.

Our Mission

Support the Spanish-speaking immigrant community in Lake County to facilitate their integration into a new culture by providing information and resources that expedite their inculturation to a new society.

Our Vision

To be a reference for the immigrant community where we can offer advice, resources and training so that they can make the most of their skills and knowledge in order to obtain better opportunities for success.

Our Values

  • Support to the immigrant community
  • Develop leadership
  • To promote inculturation in two ways

To learn more about Lideres Latinos Leadville or to get involved, contact Eudelia Contreras (English or Spanish), Health Equity Coordinator, at or 719-486-4114.

Access the Lideres Latinos Leadville meeting minutes, agendas and resources.

Family Leadership Training Institute

Annually, Full Circle and Lake County Build a Generation work to increase civic engagement, advocacy and leadership skills in Lake County through a 20-week Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) course. Our agencies then support alumni with opportunities to learn about and advocate for health equity issues in our community, including mobile home park rights, immigrant driver’s licenses, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) insurance, health insurance access, and more.

Lake County is one of 16 communities statewide that is building a movement of equity and empowerment through the Colorado Family Leadership Training Institute curriculum, housed by Colorado State University Extension. To learn more about FLTI in Lake County, contact Karla Alder at or 719-486-2400 ext. 14.