We inspire.

Merging a Collective Impact model with grassroots community organizing, we mobilize community members and local agencies around a shared vision for a healthy community. Working together, stakeholders prioritize goals, develop a menu of strategies to effect change (from programs to policies), evaluate the impact, and then keep working until we see measurable change.

Together, we’re inspired–and able–to do more than each of us could do alone.

We incubate.

We serve as a backbone agency dedicated to coordinating and supporting the individuals and direct-service agencies working to create the conditions for health and well-being in Lake County. In this role, Lake County Build a Generation:

  • Conducts research on the complex social issues affecting our community
  • Opens communication channels between stakeholders, including government leaders, community agencies, youth and families
  • Convenes and facilitates community work groups and action teams
  • Aligns resources and strategies within the community around a common vision
  • Mobilizes funding for programs and initiatives
  • Helps people and agencies acquire the skills, education and resources they need to improve health outcomes in Lake County
  • Measures and communicates change.

We innovate.

We conduct and assess ongoing research on the health and social trends affecting Lake County, and the evidence-based strategies to create health and well-being. With our support, community work groups and agencies then use that information to develop a menu of strategies to address a specific health indicator — including expanding or developing programs, advocating for changes in public policy, and advancing environmental or infrastructural systems in our community.

Learn more about our Collective Impact model.

Want to build a movement for change in your community?

Check out our resource Building a Movement for Change: A Community Planning Toolkit to learn how to create a strategic plan for your community initiative or contact Katie Baldassar at katie@lcbag.org to learn how Lake County Build a Generation can support your efforts.