Lake County Build a Generation is a project of the Lake County Public Health Agency that is building a movement for health and well-being in Leadville and Lake County.

We focus on the social, environmental and economic factors that impact the health and well-being of the whole community. From access to a quality education and healthy food to safe transportation and affordable housing — the environments in which we live, work and learn have a measurable impact on our health. Our goal is to increase the factors favorable to positive health outcomes and decrease those that are unfavorable.

To do so, we utilize a Collective Impact model to provide planning, community engagement, collaboration, and evaluation support to community health initiatives in three different sectors: youth health, adult health and health equity.

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Our Vision

To be one of the best towns in Colorado to raise a family, because we have:

  • Residents who feel empowered to build a healthier community.
  • Parents who have high expectations for their children and the tools to help their children grow into healthy adults.
  • A community of service providers who collaborate, communicate, are culturally competent and who work together to ensure the sustainability of services.
  • A community that takes pride in its healthy behaviors.

Our Mission

Organizing Lake County to build a healthier community for youth and families.

As our mission statement notes, Lake County Build a Generation works at the intersection of community organizing, prevention, and community-level change.

  • We believe in the importance of community organizing because we believe that we can achieve long-term health improvements when our community members become involved in their community and work together to effect change (Hansen, 1988-89).
  • We believe in prevention, because we think that preventing problems is more efficient than solving them.
  • And we believe in community-level change, because we know that the community in which we live has a profound impact on our health.