Events, trainings, speakers, surveys and more – we’ve been busy and have a lot in the works as well!  Here is an update on what’s happening at Lake County Build a Generation.


The ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) Coalition welcomed guest speaker Lynn Riemer from ACT on Drugs for an engaging and informative “Escape the Vape” presentation on March 27. Reimer educated 30 parents and students about vape culture, the warning signs of youth substance use, and shared the ever-changing data and laws around marijuana use in Colorado. She also provided parent talking points for discussing drugs at home, in addition to bringing materials from Colorado’s Good to Know campaign.  The Lake County High School cafeteria was packed, and many more tuned in to our live video stream on Facebook.  Attendees were shocked at the variety and concealability of vape pens, “Juul pods”, pipes, pills and other drug paraphernalia that Reimer brought as a demonstration.  Escape the Vape was our spring event in our Eyes Wide Open series. Stay tuned for our next event this coming fall.  

Our Youth Master Plan youth interns, Kevin, Verania and Brayhan, helped lead a training for the Leadville Police about vaping on May 16, educating local law enforcement with real-world examples.  The youth interns introduced Natalie Boyer, from RMC Health, who provided information about the realities of vaping in Colorado. The youth also spoke as experts around youth tobacco and other substance use in Lake County as they fielded questions from the officers.  

Want to know the best spots for being active in Lake County?  We’ve got you covered! The Active Living and Safe Routes to School coalitions combined forces to create an Active Living Map to highlight spaces for youth and families to be active in Leadville. The map also shows the pathways for Safe Routes to School.  The map is on display around town and at many of the local parks, and is available for free at West Park Elementary School, Lake County Intermediate School, Pitts Elementary School, and Lake County Build a Generation headquarters.  Watch for information about our summer Get Active Challenge!

Speaking of active living, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day was a big success on May 5, with a turnout of 23 bikers!  Bikers enjoyed pedaling along the Mineral Belt Trail, pump track, and lower CMC trails.  After biking under blue skies, we raffled off bike prizes and gifts from Melanzana, The Mule Kick, The Rock Hut, Community Threads, and Leadville Outdoors. Thank you to Get Outdoors Leadville!, the Leadville Race Series, Cookies with Altitude, and the Lake County Recreation Department for co-sponsoring the event.

We also brought 7 youth and 8 adults outdoors and on bikes for Bike to School Day on May 9, another beautiful day!  Fun was had by all as we rode to Lake County Intermediate School in the morning and back to Ice Palace Park in the afternoon.  LT100 Race Series Race Manager Paul Anderson brought the event to a fun close, greeting bikers with a make-your-own-trail-mix station!  Bike to School Day would not have been possible without the incredible support from co-sponsors Leadville Race Series and Get Outdoors Leadville!.  


  • Family Group Mountain Bike Rides with The Cloud City Wheelers
    • 5:30 p.m., every Monday (summer months)
    • Location: Dutch Henri Hill trailhead
    • All ages and abilities welcome


Lake County Public Health Agency and Lake County Build a Generation presented findings and recommendations from the Lake County Senior Master Plan in a community meeting on May 7 at Colorado Mountain College.  

The Senior Master Plan (SMP) is the culmination of a year-long, comprehensive assessment of the health issues concerning Lake County seniors.

“The goal of the Senior Master Plan process was to understand the unique challenges Lake County seniors face as they age,” said Colleen Nielsen, director of the Lake County Public Health Agency. “When we understand the needs that exist, we can better advocate for resources, programs, and policies that promote optimal health for seniors so they can age well in our community.”

Lake County has already seen early fruits of the comprehensive plan, including a $42,870 grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation for the Senior Center to purchase a new van with a wheelchair lift.

Did you miss the first Senior Master Plan Community Presentation? Join us for a second presentation on Thursday, June 14, 12:00 p.m. at the Lake County Senior Center. Lunch will be provided.

Learn more about the published Senior Master Plan by reading the press release or the full report.

For monthly updates on Senior News, contact Judy Mayne, Aging Well Coordinator at the Lake County Senior Center, at (719) 486-1774 or

Our work in Adult Health extends beyond support for Lake County seniors. Working with Lake County Public Health Agency and St. Vincent Hospital, we have completed the 2017 Public Health Improvement Plan, which provides a framework for these three agencies—as well as many other agencies who serve our community—to align efforts toward achieving the greatest health for the most community members. It is focused on deeply understanding community-level data about chronic disease, identifying a range of interventions across the socio-ecological model of health and evaluating whether those interventions are having an impact. The ultimate outcome is ensuring that Lake County is a healthy place to be born, grow up, have a family and grow old.

Read the 2017 Public Health Improvement Plan


Community leaders at Mountain View launched a multi-purpose survey campaign. Information was collected about the families and people who live in the community, fire-safety risk factors were identified, and community interest was gauged as part of our continuing organizing efforts.

The goal of the project is to canvas all 200+ homes in both East and West Mountain View. The results of the survey will help guide future resident-led efforts in the community. A report and/or short presentation will be compiled to be shared with city and county officials in order to have a data-driven approach to the way we think about, talk about, and interact with our manufactured home communities.

So far residents have knocked on more than 100 doors and completed more than 50 surveys. All homes that participate in the survey are eligible for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors from our Fire Department and the American Red Cross; so far, residents have identified more than 40 homes that are currently waiting for installation of detectors. Stay tuned for future developments as we continue to reach out to the Lake County community.

Speaking of community outreach, Lake County Build a Generation, the Lake County Housing Coalition, Lake County Government, and the City of Leadville hosted Economic and Planning Systems (EPS) on February 7 to lead a data-driven, interactive listening session to explore issues of affordable housing in Lake County. The contract with EPS was made possible through contributions from the City of Leadville, Board of County Commissioners, Lake County Build a Generation, Climax Mine, and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

As part of the session, attendees divided into four groups that rotated once; renters, commuters, entry-level homeowners, and long-time residents. Participants self-selected their groups based on their current housing situation or area of interest. Engagement was high, with participants intently focused on the following discussions:

  • What is the problem?
  • Who does it affect?
  • What is the solution?
  • Do you disagree with any of the data presented?

EPS returned to Leadville on May 30 for a public update on the housing needs assessment and to gather input on potential strategies for addressing the need for affordable housing in Lake County.  This was the second of three public meetings with EPS, who will return to Leadville later this summer to present final recommendations for increasing housing options in Lake County.

We are excited to announce that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Health Equity Commission has awarded the Lake County Public Health Agency, the Interagency Oversight Group, and the Youth Master Plan/Health Equity Partnership a total of $750,000 in grant funds as part of its upcoming three-year funding cycle of the Health Disparities Grant Program.

The three-year Lake County grant, titled “Resilient Lake County,” aims to reduce health inequities for low-income and Latino residents and will help address community housing, safety issues through training and advocacy work. The project fits into the ongoing health equity work in Lake County, which works to ensure that all residents have opportunities for optimal health regardless of race, language, income or education.

Support for “Resilient Lake County” comes from a comprehensive list of community partners. Lake County Build a Generation will coordinate the grant, while Full Circle of Lake County, the Lake County Department of Human Services, the Advocates of Lake County, the St. Vincent General Hospital District, the Lake County School District, and SolVista Health will all take a lead role in designing and implementing the project.

Read the press release for more information.