Current Youth Master Plan initiatives include:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

The ATOD Prevention Action Team is working to build an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free (ATOD-free) community. As part of this work, Lake County Build a Generation has partnered with Lake County School District to form the Lake County Youth Council, in which youth are focused on creating dialogue and encouraging healthy choices around substance use, mental health and active living. These youth are prepared and ready to partner with Lake County Build a Generation when opportunities arise for youth engagement. To get involved, contact Jena Finch, Youth Master Plan Coordinator, at 719-486-4114 or jena@lcbag.org.

Access the ATOD Coalition’s meeting minutes, agendas and resources.


Our Youth Tobacco work is focused on ensuring our local schools have the tools they need to comply with the Tobacco-Free Schools Policy. To learn more, contact John Nelson, Youth Master Plan Manager, at 719-486-4114 or john@lcbag.org.

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